Custom Sprocket Identification: Cost Savings

Mechanical components aren’t always easy to replace. Especially with those that have been in service for decades, part numbers and specs tend to be difficult to locate. That can make it tough for you when you’re trying to get back up and running after a failure. “I need this part, but what exactly is it? And how do I find it?” Enter ErieTec! We have the experience, knowledge, and vendor support that will allow us to identify the component and/or determine the appropriate replacement. Even when we are faced with a custom made sprocket and long lead times.

Success Story – Mystery Sprocket and How to Replace

Industry – Power Generation
Region – Southwestern PA
Cost Savings – $4,000

A coal feeder belt was down because one of its sprockets had worn out. There was no record of the sprocket purchase for the customer to consult, and there were no usable identification numbers on the sprocket itself.

ErieTec was able to come in and identify the sprocket, which turned out to be a special-made item (56 teeth) that would not be easy to find – and would not arrive quickly. Rather than risking costly downtime to get the original sprocket, ErieTec was able to provide a standard sprocket (60 teeth) with a much better lead time. Together ErieTec and the customer determined the slight difference in the ratio was not going to be an issue, and the customer was back up and running days quicker than they would have been otherwise.

Savings Calculation
Savings from special to standard product = $1,500
Reducing downtime by at least 2 days = $2,500
Total savings = $4,000 minimum

What would you do if you needed to replace a part and couldn’t identify it? Get ErieTec on your side and call us! We’re focused on what’s best for you and your applications.