ErieTec Advantage: Your Success is Our Success

At ErieTec, we are absolutely invested in your company’s well-being. We’re not just here for one transaction and then gone; we want to help you improve your efficiency, safety, and productivity in the long term. Our goal is to provide you more by selling you less.

If you browse around our website, you’ll notice the many TecTalk blog entries detailing Cost Savings events. We take these very seriously here at ErieTec and these are the stories that demonstrate what we’re trying to do for each and every one of you: save you money and improve your operations.

Another industrial distributor might not care (or even know) that you’re wasting money by continually ordering a belt that isn’t right for your application of it. Not only do we care about these problems, but we actively monitor to see if we’re catching something that you’re not. Don’t be surprised if you get a call from your Territory Account Manager one day and they ask you what those belts are being used for – because they’re definitely not living their expected lifespan.

It matters to us if you’re wasting money or experiencing too much downtime or even running safety risks in your plant. Your success is our success. We are a solutions provider, so bring us your problems and we’re happy to help