Belt Cutters Save Time & Increase Safety

In an industrial plant, the safest way and the fastest way are often not the same thing. And while it is always best to put safety first, it’s very frustrating to lose production time – or waste maintenance hours – just to complete a task in your plant the “right” way. Thankfully, we have enough expertise and experience that we often can suggest a compromise, something that is both safe and efficient. In this case, suggesting belt cutters was a way to make sure they were following safety regulations¬†and getting the job done.

Success Story – Belt Cutters

Industry – Metal & Steel
Region – Northwestern PA
Cost Savings – $3,000

The customer has many long and thick belts around their plant. New safety rules do not allow razor knives of any kind, making it much more difficult and time consuming to cut those belts.

ErieTec suggested totally enclosed industrial duty housed belt cutters from Flexco. It’s both fast and very safe, since the cutting mechanism is enclosed.

Savings Calculation
Time savings can be calculated as $150/hr of downtime avoidance for a total of 20 hours for all the belts, resulting in $3,000 of downtime that they were able to avoid. They were also able to achieve safety, which is, of course, priceless.

Do you have concerns about the safety of your operations? Do you think there might possibly be a better or more efficient way to do something in your plant? Contact us! We will help you.