Selector Switches & Interchanging: Cost Savings

At ErieTec, we’re nothing if not proactive. We don’t just sit in our offices waiting for you to have a problem and to call us with a very specific plan for solving it. We’re always looking for ways to save you money, keep you safe, and make your operations run more smoothly – even when you don’t specifically ask. In this case, the customer had a need for selector switches, and we were ready to fill that need right away.

Success Story

The customer was overheard talking to a colleague about how they’d reached out to a supplier for Allen Bradley selector switches, and after 6 days they still hadn’t heard anything back from them. Because of this, they were starting to get very impatient.

ErieTec consulted one of our Industrial Electrical Specialists, who located the interchange part within a half hour. The customer sent someone to pick it up immediately.

Savings Calculation
We can’t be sure of how much the customer saved in dollars, but the frustration and helplessness we eliminated is priceless! Additionally, we were able to prove to the customer that we always have their best interest in mind – just like we’ll have yours!

At ErieTec our biggest concern is your well-being. We want to be helpful in any way we can, no matter how large or small. In fact, we want to save you more – by selling you less! Consider us your partner in business as we’re always going to work with you to help you succeed. Call us!