Mounted Bearings & Avoiding Catastrophe: Cost Savings

Mounted bearings, especially of the larger bores, are huge investments. You don’t want to see them fail before their expected lifespan. The downtime alone is painful, but when you have to pay more money to get new parts, you’re not making the best of your budget. Avoid the expenditure and have an expert on your side with ErieTec.

Our most frantic phone calls come when one of our customers experiences a critical failure. Something has gone wrong in their plant and it needs to be fixed immediately to get them back up and running. Profits are on the line, wages are being paid to workers who aren’t working, and you’re inevitably about to make a large investment in replacing whatever equipment has just failed – especially when it’s expensive. It’s a stressful situation for all – one we’re willing to tackle right alongside you – but it’s a much better situation when we can help you avoid it entirely.

Success Story

Industry – Original Equipment Manufacturers
Region – Northwestern PA
Cost Savings – $80,650

The customer had a large press that utilized two sets of Timken mounted bearings. Together with ErieTec, Timken assessed the application and noticed that they hadn’t installed any spacers with the mounted bearings – and they needed them. Without them, the bearings would critically fail in the future.

ErieTec coordinated the rush building and shipping of races and spacers. Additionally, we brought an engineer onsite the day of installation to define the spacer specifications the customer needed to machine to, all to ensure that no mistakes were made upon install.

Savings Calculation
ErieTec/Timken evaluation and shipping savings: $7,950
Cost avoidance for preventing future inevitable failure: $72,700
Total savings = $80,650

At ErieTec, we’ll do everything we can to help you avoid critical breakdowns in the first place. But for those that still come out of nowhere, we’re here for you 24/7.