Pillow Block Failures Can Cripple a Plant: Cost Savings

The best distributors don’t just take your orders – they add value to the products they carry through their expertise. That’s what you get when you work with ErieTec: 60 years of experience and the best training on every product line we carry. We know the right questions to ask to get to the root of your issue and to get you the best possible solution as quickly and as cost effectively as possible. For example, when you need a pillow block, we’ll get you something that will have you up and running as soon as possible – time is money, after all. 

Success Story

Industry: Metal & Steel
Region: Northwestern PA
Cost Savings: $36,075

The customer called with a breakdown situation. In order to get back up and running, they needed a pillow block KHP208-40mm.

While ErieTec didn’t have that specific pillow block bearing in stock, we asked a little more about the breakdown and discovered that it was only the housing that had broken. We did have in stock an IPTCI housing that took a similar insert. The customer brought in the broken part and we were able to make it operational again by taking the customer’s insert and putting it in the new IPTCI housing.Contact Us

Savings Calculation
Without our quick solution, they would have been down for 24 hours (at least) before getting the proper part. Because we asked the right questions and were able to improvise to solve their problem, we saved them $1,500/hour in downtime x 24 hours = $36,000 + $75 in shipping fees.

You need to find a solution immediately when you have a breakdown. We can help! Contact us when something goes wrong, and we’ll find the right solution for your budget and time constraints. Even better, call us before the breakdown, and we’ll help you prevent downtime with proactive changes to your operations. Because of these changes, you’ll be more productive and more profitable. ErieTec wants to save you more – by selling you less.