Ball Bearing Inserts Increase Sanity: Cost Savings

Your work environment is absolutely critical to your staff’s productivity. A disruptive office or an uncomfortable plant can spell trouble for your operations as a whole. We at ErieTec understand that and are here to help you solve all of your problems – even if they’re not directly related to your monetary bottom line. Something as simple as ball bearing inserts can solve a huge productivity issue in your operations when you have the right expert on your side, identifying the best way for you to meet the needs of your plant – and its people.

Success Story

Industry – Lumber
Region – Northwestern PA
Cost Savings – Workers’ sanity

The customer has a lumber pack vertical lift that was right outside the office building. Wheels guided the lift, and they had a bronze bushing riding on the shaft. No matter how often they were lubricated, they were terribly noisy and were a constant source of complaint for those who worked in the office.

Together with the customer, ErieTec worked on ball bearing inserts that would replace the bronze bushing. This would eliminate the loud squealing that caused complaints from the people in the office.

Cost Savings
Sanity isn’t calculable in the budget, but there’s a lot to be said for having happy workers. Not only are people more likely to have higher productivity when there isn’t “noise pollution” in the office, but they’re certainly going to be spending less time complaining – often to you!

We at ErieTec are fully dedicated to solving all of your problems – even the ones that aren’t necessarily about your monetary bottom line. Share with us your concerns, your problems, and your struggles. Tell us those issues you face long-term and on a day-to-day basis. With that information in hand, we can use our experience and knowledge to address those issues and make your life easier, more productive, and more profitable.

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