When You Know Exactly What You Want

Does your company have in-house electrical experts? Maybe you know the exact specifications of the panel or panels that you need to have built for you. Great! While we are happy to consult with you to design panels, we can also simply take your designs and build them. Why would you have us do them? Well, our expertise isn’t limited to problem solving. We’re also excellent at simply building panels.

At EB Controls, you can trust that your project will be done timely, neatly, and to your exact specifications. We’re UL508A certified, and we always provide you with the appropriate labels and supporting documentation to ensure that you fully understand your panel. When applicable, we test the panels before you receive them, and you can rest assured that if you were to ever need to troubleshoot your panel in the future, the documentation we provide is clear and straightforward. Why else?One PO for a Complete Solution

  • Fewer suppliers to manage
  • Fewer orders to track
  • Reduced administrative time
  • Reduced costs

Improve Cash Flow

  • EB Controls carries labor costs
  • EB Controls carries material costs
  • Reduced budget worries for YOU!

Fixed Labor Costs vs. Variable Costs

  • Use only the labor that is needed when you need it
  • Free up manufacturing floor space
  • Use of engineering time only when you need it.

Leverage Our Buying Power!

  • We get great pricing on the products for which we’re an authorized distributor
  • This is a unique cost savings advantage compared to panel shops that are not also distributors