Seeing the Big Picture

When a customer orders a control panel from us, they can expect that it’s of the highest quality. But a control panel is just one piece of a larger operation – and sometimes something outside of our product isn’t quite right. While those outside issues may not be our fault, that doesn’t mean they’re not our concern.

We recently got a call from an OEM customer in the Filtration industry. We had built them a simple solid state relay control panel for a heating element within their filtration system, and the panel had blown up – never something you want to hear. But our Supervisor began asking the customer questions about the whole operation, beginning with, “well, you have semi-conductor fuses ahead of the panel, right?” Being an industry standard that we very well know, he expected the customer would answer in the affirmative. Unfortunately, the customer was not aware that was something they should have been doing, and that began a full conversation about standards and what the total electrical line should look like.

Instead of only providing a panel and washing our hands of the situation, we were able to provide even further expertise and solutions that will save that customer time and money – all because we asked about the big picture instead of focusing solely on our one commissioned job.

Our experience and expertise makes us better at what we do – and we keep learning every day. Let us help you with all your electrical and control panel needs!