Smart Sensor for Mounted Bearings by ABB

ABB Ability Smart Sensor

Changes in temperature and vibration can indicate potential problems in mounted bearings. Yet understanding the health of the bearing is usually overlooked, leaving problems unnoticed until the bearing fails. ABB now makes it easier and safer to know how your bearing feels. The ABB Ability Smart Sensor for mounted bearings is an easy-to-use, wireless sensor which monitors the health of your ABB Dodge mounted bearings, allowing users to reduce downtime, improve reliability, and operate safely.

Why choose a smart sensor when you could monitor the bearing on your own? The first reason is that you can’t be sure of temperature and vibration just from looking at a bearing. Another reason is that often times bearings are difficult to access. Choosing to add a smart sensor for the bearing would ensure that you can get critical data from afar. Being able to schedule downtime around the health of your bearings saves your operation time, man power, and money. Why wait for emergency breakdowns? Be the expert of your bearings.

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