Fuses: You Need the Right Protection

Fuses Class J by Mersen, stocked and distributed by ErieTec Inc.

You know that fuses are very important in keeping your employees safe. Fuses ensure that current is cut off in case of a fault, preventing a disaster. We carry fuses of all kinds, and our experts will help you determine which fuses are the best for your application.

Class J Fuses by Mersen

However, we’re very likely to recommend you Class J fuses by Mersen. Because of their superior features, Class J fuses achieve “Type 2 Protection,” which means that they will keep your people safe (the primary goal), but they will also keep your equipment safe. In other words, they will ensure that any of your equipment down the line does not fail due to fault current.

First, this is important because it reduces the downtime you’ll experience following the fault. You’re already going to be replacing fuses and coping with whatever else has been affected by the fault, and you don’t need to add more issues to deal with on top of that. Secondly – and perhaps more importantly to your bottom line – you will save significantly on costs. The equipment you’ve invested in was most likely quite an expense. Couplings, motors, VFDs, and gearboxes each has a hefty price tag, especially if you’ve invested in the most appropriate equipment for your application. Ensure that you protect your investment by choosing to achieve Type 2 Protection electrically. Your purchasing department will be happy because you’re keeping your costs lower, and your maintenance department will be happy to have fewer risks on their hands.

How Can ErieTec help you?

Do you want to know more? You can see the full line of options through Mersen, or you can contact your favorite solutions specialist here at ErieTec and we can walk you through the best fuse for your application. Furthermore, they can tell you about the many other great features of Class J fuses, especially in the Amp Trap 2000 line, including stock room efficiency. Your purchasing department will be especially impressed with you on this one.

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