Grid Coupling Hubs Save the Day

The productivity of your plant rides on a thousand different factors and so many parts. Sometimes the thing that causes a shutdown isn’t a failed motor or a large conveyor belt getting stripped; many times it’s just one part of a larger component, like the hubs for a grid coupling. When you’re down, it’s important to get that replacement part as soon as possible (time is money). So call us! The following is an example of ErieTec’s ability to get you what you need – when you need it.

Success Story: Speedy Grid Coupling Hubs Delivery

Industry – Metal & Steel
Region – Northwestern PA
Cost Savings – $48,000

The customer called because they were broken down and needed some 1120 grid coupling hubs.

Unfortunately we did not have the parts in stock, so we had to contact Dodge and found that they had the parts in their Tennessee warehouse. We arranged quick delivery, and the parts were delivered to the customer by 3am Saturday night/Sunday morning.

Savings Calculation
On Monday morning we spoke with the customer who indicated that the 24 hours of Sunday production that our quick delivery time saved amounted to $2,000 per hour for a total of $48,000.

When something goes wrong, you want us on your team. We measure our success in your success. The money, time, and resources that you save are the measure of our value. Call us! We’d love to help you with your next project (and to be on deck if you have a breakdown).