Speed Reducer with Speedy Shipping: Cost Savings

When customers are in a breakdown situation, they often call looking to order another of the exact same part that is down. Sometimes that’s the best part for the job, and we order it. Other times we use our experience and expertise to suggest a solution that might last longer or be more energy efficient. And then there’s the times when the best option simply isn’t possible logistically and we have to change our thinking a bit. This is one of those situations. The customer was about to be down and couldn’t get a direct replacement, couldn’t upgrade, and was losing money. So we got them a speed reducer.

Success Story: Speedy Speed Reducer

This customer had an obsolete mechanical variable speed drive and its failure was imminent. Due to the application, they were not able to upgrade to an electrical VFD to vary the speed. That would have been our first recommendation. Instead, we needed to find a different way to keep them running.

One option was to have the customer oder a mechanical variable speed drive from the OEM. Unfortunately, this option would have taken 12-16 weeks to receive the product. Instead, ErieTec did some problem solving. We provided the customer with an SEW gearbox, an adjustable base motor, and variable speed sheaves that would achieve the speed range they needed.

Savings Calculation
Had they gone with the option of ordering from the OEM in Germany, they would have been shutdown for 12-16 weeks, costing them $12,500 per week. At that rate, they would have lost between $150,000 and $200,000. Because we were able to offer them the speed reducer solution, in addition to being able to get it to them right away, they saved hundreds of thousands of dollars.

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