Seals and a Pressure Relief Valve: Cost Savings

Lubrication is very important to the health of your plant. Under- or over-lubricating bearings and other components can lead to early failure. Early failure costs a lot in investments, in downtime, and in labor. We want to help you avoid those unexpected losses and keep your plant in production. Talk to us about your component failures, and we’ll identify the changes – large or small – that you can make that will increase your uptime. The following success story involves a new bearing style with better seals and other features.

Success Story: Solid Block Steel Housed Bearing with Teflon Seals and a Pressure Relief Valve

The customer was having trouble with bearings on an exhaust fan. The maintenance team would either over or under grease them.

ErieTec suggested Timken’s Solid Block Spherical Roller Bearing – a cast steel housed bearing meant for extreme conditions. This style of bearing comes with special Teflon seals in addition to a pressure relief valve to prevent over-lubrication. Additionally, its V-Lock locking mechanism offers superior holding power while also eliminating the chance of over tightening.

Cost Savings Calculation
The customer reported that we saved them around $3,000 per year in production downtime and maintenance cost. Now that the installation is simpler and the seals and valve reduce greasing concerns, the customer can have much higher confidence the bearing will simply be doing its job.

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