Light Curtains Failing: Cost Savings

Light curtains are important parts in some operations, and when you’re having repeated problems with them, you’re likely to lose a lot of money. When you have to continually replace or repair any parts, it is wasteful and inefficient to your bottom line. It is our job to provide you more and sell you less. In other words, we want to fix the problem you’re having so you don’t have to keep coming back to deal with the same issue. The following is a success story in which we provide a solution when light curtains are continually failing so that our customer could focus on their operations instead of this problem.

Success Story: Light Curtains

The customer was using one brand of light curtains, but about 10% of them were having serious problems. Manufacturer support for them was poor, and the customer said that the price they were paying did not meet the value they were receiving. They were simply having too many problems to justify continuing with that brand.

In the process of trying to identify a better option, ErieTec discovered that the curtain they had been using didn’t have a muting indication light. The customer had to build their own separate indication unit for that function. We consulted with one of our vendors, ReeR, and determined a Safegate curtain with accessories would be a better product at a better price. ErieTec and the REER representative were confident this replacement would not have the problems that the previous units did. Additionally, the unit came with its own muting indication light, the unit the customer had previously had to build on their own.

Cost Savings
Fewer problems, lower cost, and no need to build a separate indicator light all added up to substantial savings. Additionally, the new solution would utilize fewer house parts and less labor. Based on these factors, we estimate the customer saved approximately $21,500.

Cost Savings: $21,500

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