Industrial Adhesives Can Save Far More than they Cost

When you start having problems in your plant, your first instinct may be to replace the part that is experiencing the issues. In some cases, that’s exactly what you should do. In others, though, it might be too costly or take too much valuable time to fully replace the part. You still need to fix the issue, so what do you do? One option is industrial adhesives, like Loctite 3035.

Success Story: Industrial Adhesives Used to Avoid Replacing Rollers

The customer had tapered conveyor rollers with sectioned sleeves on metal rolls. These sleeves were loosening on the rollers, causing gaps between the sleeves.

ErieTec consulted with Loctite to see if we could provide a industrial adhesives to bond the sleeves to the rolls. After a few quick tests to determine what the sleeve material was, we determined that Loctite 3035 would be the appropriate adhesive to bond Delrin-type substrates to steel.

Savings Calculation
With thirty different rolls, replacing the parts would have cost $160 each from the OEM for a total cost of $4,800. The industrial adhesives solution cost a mere $181 and fixed the problem, avoiding the cost of replacement. In product savings alone, they saved a total of $4,619. If you were to add in costs related to shutdown and man hours, they would have saved even more.

Some problems require that you replace the affected parts, but other times we can help you fix it and significantly reduce cost. Talk to us when you notice a problem, and we’ll use our experience, expertise, and excellent product breadth to determine the best solution for your application and your problem.