Grounding Reels: Cost Savings in Product & Safety

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At ErieTec, we’re often known as the “bearings guys,” probably because we were founded over 61 years ago as a bearings distributor. But in the decades since our founding, we’ve grown. We’re now an expert distributor of all mechanical and electrical components. In addition to the big stuff, like motors, VFDs, couplings, and, of course, bearings, we also carry industrial maintenance products and accessories, including reels. We have cable, hose, and cord reels of various mounting styles. The following story is about grounding reels.

Success Story: Grounding Reels in Oil & Gas


An Oil & Gas customer of ErieTec’s had been using grounding reels on site for their mobile trucks as a way to eliminate static. In the local branch, we had an oil field expert and we also were already doing VMI for the customer, so we saw an opportunity to save them some money with their grounding reels that had been failing on each trip.


We provided them a Reelcraft brand grouding reel that was Nylon coated in order to increase corrosion resistance and increase product life. The cord was the same size and function. Additionally, it was a lower cost to the customer than their previous reels. Our solution provided them increased performance at a lower price. Once they made the switch, the reel was no longer being changed out every time the mobile unit returned.

Savings Calculation

Layer 1: Product Savings
Previous Reel Cost = $325
Reelcraft Grounding Reel Cost = $257
Overall Product Savings per reel = $68

Layer 2: Cost Avoidance
In the past few months, the extended life of the reels we offered amounted to cost avoidance of at least 10 reels. \
10 reels x $257 per reel = $2,570

Without ErieTec’s solution, the customer would have been spent at least $3,250. Our solution only cost them $257. The total solution considering both layers of problem solving saved them about $3,000.

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