Conveyor System: The Value of Expertise

Many different distributors carry the same products, but when you get your products from ErieTec, you’re receiving more than be packed into a box. One of our main strengths is that we add value to your operations through our expertise and our attention to detail. In the following example, we were able to identify major problems in a conveyor system drawing before the customer used that drawing to order a replacement conveyor system.

Success Story: Conveyor System Redrawing Saves Money

Our customer was replacing some old conveyors and sent ErieTec the drawings of the existing conveyors. We double checked the dimensions on the print and realized that they’d been modified by the customer since the original installation and therefore wouldn’t have worked for the replacement design.

ErieTec went on site with the customer to remeasure the conveyors and made new prints based on the new measurements. These new drawings ensured that the new conveyor system would be designed and installed correctly.

Savings Calculation
If ErieTec hadn’t rechecked the measurements and redrawn the prints, the customer would have had to spend additional money. Had they gone ahead with the new conveyors based on their original drawings, one conveyor would have been too long and the other would have blocked an access door and would have been missing a clean-out tray.

ErieTec’s expertise saved the customer around $20,000.

ErieTec is here to solve your problems, improve your operations, and to keep you from wasting money on ordering the wrong parts! Contact us and see what we can do for you.