Assessing Your Applications for Efficiencies: Cost Savings

At ErieTec, we don’t want you to be calling us to replace parts that should be lasting longer. When we see that you are repeating orders fairly often, we’ll often ask you: what is the application for this item? What are the conditions? How often are these parts failing? Sometimes your replacement rate is normal wear and tear, but other times, there’s really something else you should be using that would last you much longer. In the below example, we noticed that the customer was replacing v-belts often; additionally, the customer was having trouble keeping the application running efficiently. We were able to step in and help them save quite a bit per year.

Success Story:

The customer was having problems maintaining desired output speeds on this high speed mixer application. Additionally, they were replacing v-belts constantly. Maintenance was fed up with having to spend their time (and money) on this specific application.

The territory account manager at ErieTec completed a parts and savings analysis for adding synchronous belts to motor drives. The customer purchased a set of sheave gauges from us and inspected his pulleys to see if they needed replaced as well – and they did.

Savings Calculation
By switching to the synchronous belts, the customer was now able to control slippage and maintain the proper speed. This reduces waste significantly and increases the life of all parts. Customer was able to cancel four scheduled preventative maintenance shutdowns.

Overall Savings = $24,000 per year.