Complete Conveyor Services

ErieTec works with a team at Nationwide Belting Sales and Services on belt vulcanizing for lightweight and heavy belts, conveyor services, the replacement of conveyor components, replacement services on gearboxes and other conveyor-related services. 

Nationwide Belting provides top-notch conveyor belt installation services to businesses and industries of all sizes. When you choose their conveyor installation service through ErieTec, you can trust that you are working with companies that are dedicated to delivering the best belt service, for the best possible results.

Nationwide Belting has been around for more than 40 years. Many of the industries we service include wastewater treatment facility, steel mill, concrete cement plant, asphalt facilities, full aggregate open quarries, closed quarries or underneath quarries. Nationwide Belting is MSHA (Mine Safety and Health Administration) and OSHA certified.

Our team takes their time to actually look over the projects and invest time and understanding to determine where your challenges are and help better serve on what you are doing.

The first step is to get in and do site visits, where both ErieTec and Nationwide Belting will come out to you. We do not want to just take your word for it. We get in, do the inspection, and look at where our value can be for you. What we look at is if you are mechanically clipping, using super screw type splice, or if you are using the correct type of belt vulcanization. 

Using a clip, you will lose a lot of strength in that belt, and it will limit the number of scrapers and cleaners you are able to use. It ultimately ends in challenges in the splice and could end in failures.

If you vulcanize your belt, it will be the strongest splice available in the industry. This also allows your primary and secondary cleaners to be used in the manner they are meant to be used in. This gives you a complete package with the installation of the cleaners and the conveyor belt.

Belt Vulcanization Process

The process of a belt vulcanization starts with our partners coming in and stringing the belt. They can do belts from 2 ply 220 through 3 ply 600. After stringing the belts, they track the belts and then vulcanize the belts all in the same process. Then the belt is taken out of the press and will be up and running in about six to eight hours. 

On-site industrial belt splicing and rubber vulcanization are quick, safe and allow your business to use endless belts, whether preferred or necessary. We can help you navigate the various types of conveyor belt splices and identify the one fitting your needs.

Other Services

Some of the many conveyor services that Nationwide Belting offer include head pulleys. Head pulleys are an area that are some of the least evaluated. Our partners at Nationwide Belting put a lot of focus on the lagging and the runout on the lagging to ensure that you are getting good trackability. Tracking is a huge component on a conveyor belt and an area of deficiency on a head pulley. There are refurbishment programs where you are able to buy a new pulley and have it installed by the Nationwide Belting team where they would then take the old pulley back and refurbish it. 

Part of the pulley package that is offered is doing complete package installations. So what does that entail? A complete package install includes bearings, gearboxes, sheaves, belts and V-belts. 

Another area looked at frequently are scrapers – both primary and secondary. Because of the pulley lagging, you may think to run slide lag or various types of lagging such as that. But you are not getting the proper cleaning on the belt itself. When the scrapers are looked at, the lagging ties into the scrapers. So, the primary scrapers, the secondary scrapers and plows, are all looked at. Then, the various types of cleaners that are available are looked at. Modifications are made to the system to accommodate the various types of systems and cleaners that are out there, and then it is installed. Our partners make sure the cleaner is installed properly and cleaning the way it is designed to clean.

Idlers are another area that Nationwide Belting does a lot of installation on. This could mean a CEMA idler, training idler, a return idler, or any idler replacement you throw at them. When the belt is off, you can just give them the idlers that you stock and they will be more than happy to install those as well. 

ErieTec is also able to help provide you with these various components, making this a one-stop-shop for all of your material handling needs.

Load zones are another area looked at. Spillage is something that a lot of manufacturing plants are faced with, especially if you are talking about fines and powders. We know you need to keep as much of the material on your belt as possible. Installing new load zones, chutes and diverting packages are all areas that we can do the installation piece on. With our partners, we can help you with a new system, or – if you prefer – work on your current system. This would all be to help the spillage problems. 

Another area that is often worked on in various industries is installing new conveyors. ErieTec and Nationwide Belting work together to install these systems. We do this by supplying our partners with the systems they need to install in order to help you! They can do new diverters, drag, elevators and many more styles of conveyors.

These are just some of the services Nationwide Belting can offer. If you have any issues that you would like to discuss with an ErieTec representative, feel free to reach out. We would love to help you!