Custom Control Panels: EB Controls is Your Solution

Do you immediately think of ErieTec for electrical solutions? You should. Not only do we carry all major industrial electrical products, we have our own panel-building division, EB Controls. Born of customer demand and shaped by decades of experience, EB Controls offers full design and building services. Custom control panels can be full series of identical panels or one-off panels for simple pumps and blowers. Whatever your needs, EB Controls and ErieTec can meet them.

Custom Control Panels & Cost Savings

At ErieTec, it’s our goal to provide you more by selling you less. So how can we suggest that buying EB Controls custom control panels will save you? There are actually many different ways that our services and goods will save you money in downtime, labor, efficiency, and costs. Read on for just a few of those benefits to you, our valued customer.

Labor & Material Costs

When you entrust EB Controls for your custom control panels, you’re taking certain costs out of the equation for yourself. Labor and materials become part of the quote and therefore a fixed expense for you. You know what number to expect. When you do this work yourself, it can be ever-changing. Take budgeting guesswork out of your panels.Materials cost can make up a large portion of the total cost of a control panel. When you work with EB Controls, a division of ErieTec, you have all the buying power of ErieTec behind you. That means the costs are going to be lower to us than they might have been to you directly, thus saving you money.Additionally, the materials that go into each panel can take up quite a bit of space. Don’t reduce your usable workspace. Let us worry about that.

Administrative Time

We often don’t think about the costs that are outside of the component and sale itself, but it increases efficiencies in your operations to have fewer suppliers to manage, fewer orders to track, and to be able to have a whole solution on just one PO.

High Quality Custom Control Panels

Most importantly, you want to make sure that all of your materials are of the best quality, that your labor is done by the experts, and that you have constant planning, checking, and testing that goes along with EB Controls. When you deal with us, we do things right the first time. More than that, though, we also make sure that everything is documented so precisely that if you were to ever have to troubleshoot, you’d have all the information you needed at your fingertips. Our panels are of the highest quality, and we stand behind them. You can trust EB Controls.Do you need custom control panels? Contact us!