Electronic Board Repair

When you think of ErieTec, what comes to mind?

You’re probably most familiar with ErieTec when it comes to our part offerings. You know us for things like bearings, belts, chains, and gearboxes. Also, for our electrical parts. These can include frequency drives, circuit breakers, power supplies and more. But did you know ErieTec is a service provider as well? That’s right.

Working together with our vendor partners, ErieTec is proud to offer hosts of problem-solving services for your operation.

Electronic Board Repair Service

One of our valuable service program offerings is Electronic Board Repair. When you have a failed drive, logic controller, or interface device, ErieTec will handle the process of having the faulty equipment evaluated, and if able, repair and renew it for continued service life.

Repairing a faulty unit has its benefits. It can sometimes have a shorter lead time than a new unit. Plus, if the unit is obsolete, this may be your only option on a quick replacement. 

The process

So how does the process work?

When you realize your device is faulty, you give our sales team a call. ErieTec’s Territory Account Managers will pick up the unit and bring it to our team of Solutions Specialists. We’ll submit a repair evaluation request to the repair shop. The unit will be picked up from our branches and the vendor will begin the evaluation process. Once the unit has been evaluated, ErieTec will have a quote prepared for the estimated repair costs and lead time. At that point, you can decide if the unit is worth repairing or if it should be scrapped.

Ready to proceed with the repairs on your device? Great! We’ll just need a purchase order to get started. Our repairs also include a two-year warranty and are load tested before they are shipped back. 

If you have any questions about this service, or any other service ErieTec can provide, feel free to give us a call today.