Holiday Emergency: Getting Products in a Pinch

We all look forward to holidays. Sometimes it’s for the days off; sometimes it’s for the time with family and friends. But for those of us who supervise operations that don’t take breaks, holidays can present a major problem: anything going wrong can lead to a holiday emergency, and there aren’t many resources around to help you out.

While we at ErieTec have most holidays off, we’re never¬†truly closed for business. If you need us any time our office is closed, you simply call our 24/7 Emergency Line and someone will get back to you promptly – and they’ll do everything they can to get your problem solved in enough time for you to rejoin your holiday frivolity.

Success Story – Holiday Emergency & Crisis Averted

Industry – Gas & Mining
Region – Southwestern PA
Cost Savings – ~$10,000

The evening before Memorial Day weekend, the customer was repairing a gear box and needed a bearing and a seal. They were shutting down for the holiday weekend, but needed the products by Tuesday in order to get up and running on time.

ErieTec was able to locate the bearing and seal they needed and they scheduled delivery for early Tuesday morning. Because of this, the customer would experience no downtime.

Savings Calculation
The customer estimates that downtime costs would have been in the ballpark of $10,000 had they had to wait any longer to get those necessary parts.