24/7 Industrial Emergency Service: We’re Here to Help

We know our customers don’t necessarily work the same hours we do. But we also know they rely on us to get them out of a jam, no matter when it occurs. So we’ve made our inventory available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, via our After Hours Emergency Service. Each branch office of ErieTec has a person on call to help solve the problem. We also have a multi-level backup system that ensures a live person is reached, even if that person has to be the president of our company! Our commitment to our customers doesn’t stop at the end of the day.

For After Hours Emergency Service, simply call your local branch:

  • Erie – 814.453.6871
  • Meadville – 814.724.7717
  • Pittsburgh – 412.788.1520
  • Altoona – 814.946.5428
  • Indiana – 724.465.6181
  • St. Marys – 814.834.7402

When you’re able to reach us right away, you’re able to get up and running more quickly. This can save you significantly in costs (as well as in headaches). We document each of these calls as part of our Cost Savings Documentation program, and we’ve shared many of the stories on our blog. Take for example this story about a broken gearbox. The customer saved immensely by having the ability to contact us after hours.