Timing Belts: A Failure that Can Shut Down Your Line

When you’re running a plant, you rely on hundreds of parts to be functioning correctly in order to make your product and your profit. When one of them fails, it can impact every other part of your operations and you might find yourself totally shut down. If you have a spare in your storeroom, you might not lose much time, but if you don’t, you need a partner who can work with you any time of day or night to get what you need. One of our Food & Beverage customers dealt with this recently in a case with their timing belts.

Success Story: Timing Belts

The customer called our 24/7 After Hours Emergency Line as a timing belt on their labeling machine broke. They thought they had a spare, but no one could find it and they were totally down.

We had the belt they needed on our shelf, so an ErieTec representative met the customer halfway between our locations to optimize time. The customer had the belt by 10:40pm.

Savings Calculation
Being shut down cost the customer about $6,000 per hour, and if ErieTec had not been able to provide them with the belt after hours, they would have had to wait 11 hours or more to get back up and running. ErieTec’s quick response time and local stock saved the customer at least $66,000.

We at ErieTec know that the big problems you face – and the ones that can cost you the most – aren’t always the biggest or most expensive products in your operations. In this case, a belt that cost the customer just around $20 ended up saving them tens of thousands. That’s why we’re here for you, day or night, big product or small.

It’s our mission to provide you more by selling you less.