Motor Failure: Quick Service Saves $100K

We often see our customers at their hardest moments: when something has unexpectedly failed and productivity and safety are on the line. Sometimes it’s a small component that has failed and sometimes it’s something quite large – either way, you can find yourself in a position where production is shut down until you can find a fix or a replacement. Whether you have a motor failure or just need a seal, we’ll get you up and running – and save you money in the end.

Success Story: Motor Failure

The customer had a motor failure and needed a new one urgently. They emailed information about what type of motor it was, but weren’t able to actually get a picture of the nameplate as they’d already sent the failed motor to an electrical shop for repair.

ErieTec contacted the electrical repair shop to get further information about the motor. They were able to confirm that this motor was a special-made product by an OEM. When ErieTec attempted to contact the OEM, they weren’t able to be reached and we were bounced around to many different departments. Eventually we were able to determine that a new generation motor would suffice but that some extra parts would be necessary in order to make it fit.

Cost Savings Calculation
The customer told us that without our quick action, they would have been shut down for three full days following the motor failure. They would lose $1,500 per hour for 72 hours, totaling $108,000.

Cost Savings: $108,000

Don’t forget! Because our customers can’t control when these catastrophic failures happen, we have a 24/7 After Hours Emergency Line so that even when we’re closed, you’re covered!