Urgent Service: We’ll Reduce Your Downtime

We all want our plans to go smoothly. We hope that our only downtime will be the kind that is scheduled and every delivery of new equipment is well-timed with opportunity to easily install it. Unfortunately that’s not always how it goes. You will more than likely have unscheduled downtime at some point. You may struggle to install equipment that’s been delivered. Perhaps you’ll be missing necessary parts. No matter what you need – and no matter when you need it – ErieTec is here for you. We provide urgent service on all products every day of the year.

Success Story: Urgent Service for 20HP Motor + Parts

The customer was down and needed urgent service in the form of a motor. The larger problem was that they weren’t able to get us a picture of the nameplate, only providing a basic brand and model number as their current motor was in an electrical shop for repair.

We were able to contact Sterling Electric, the original manufacturer of the motor. They were able to confirm that it was a custom motor especially made for the OEM. Because of this we tried to contact that OEM, but their phones were not cooperating and we were redirected to another department. Our own Industrial Electrical Specialists were able to do some research and determine the best solution. We needed to provide the customer with a few other parts along with the new generation motor in order to get it to fit. We identified the coupler and were able to get a courier to pick everything up that day. By the next morning, the customer was busy installing the motor.

Cost Savings
The downtime would have cost the customer $1,500 per hour, 24 hours per day, for 3 days. Overall our urgent service saved them $108,000.

Our Urgent Service saved the customer over $100k

Give us a call and let us get to know your operations! We want to help you out when you need it – and we’re prepared to do everything possible to make that happen. Learn more about our After Hours Emergency Line and feel confident that we’re here for you 24/7.