Store Room Audits: From Belts to Sensors

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: we’re here to provide you more by selling you less. Part of that is completing store room audits and helping you to consolidate your part numbers in order for you to ultimately spend less money on parts. When you’ve partnered with us, you can feel certain we’re always looking for ways to help you out. Because of this, we take even your casual comments very seriously as an opportunity to help.

Industry: Plastic & Rubber
Region: Northwest PA
Total Savings: $11,400

Our Territory Account Manager was in the customer’s store room auditing belts when one of the maintenance technicians made a comment that maybe he should be looking at auditing the sensors. “We never have them in stock! I’m always having to steal a sensor from one machine to put it on another until we get a new one ordered.”

We immediately got to work on ensuring that they were never swapping out sensors that way again. Our Territory Account Manager completed a store room audit for all sensors, including capacitive sensors and photo sensors. The store room was proving to not contain nearly enough of what they needed, so we presented the customer a list to choose from for things to add to their stock. From there, we provided a comprehensive list of what sensors they should have in their store room and how many.

Savings Calculation
Reduction in Stock – $700
Reduction in Man Hours of Shifting Sensors – $500
Lost Production Avoided – $8,000
Reduced Freight – $1,000
Training Provided by ErieTec – $1,200
= total savings of $11,4000

Additionally, we added ease of use, purchase order reductions, and peace of mind which are priceless to the customer and each of the workers who were experiencing this problem.

We complete things like store room audits and inventory consolidation every single day. Here is another story where we saved our customer money through inventory solutions!

At ErieTec we pride ourselves on offering solutions, not just products. So while we do provide the highest quality products in your industry, we also ensure that we’re truly solving your problems. That means we want to help you to manage your inventory to maximize your manpower. Want to learn more? Contact us!