Cost Savings Documentation: We do the math so you can see the value

Our job is to assist in cutting our customer’s costs. We do it day in, day out. And we can prove it! When we provide a service which results in a cost savings to our customer, we document it and share the results with you. It’s our way of proving we’re doing our job and allowing you to rest assured you’ve made the right choice when you choose ErieTec. Some of the cost savings documentation areas include:

  • OEM Part Replacement
  • Inventory Programs
  • Application Assistance
  • After Hours Emergency Service
  • Training Seminars
  • Process Improvement
  • In-House Engineering Service

We keep extensive records in our in-house system, but we also like to share many of these examples right here in our blog. It’s some of our best work and the examples we’re most proud of – in addition to solving some of the tougher problems. Furthermore, we like to feature some of the more common problems that perhaps you didn’t even realize you were experiencing. Many times a customer doesn’t realize that their component isn’t living its full life span until they talk with us – and we are happy to help them find the alternative that lasts longer.

Curious about some of our cost savings documentation? Browse through our blog or give us a call! We’re happy to talk to you about what kinds of savings we’ll be able to provide for you.

As always, we want to provide you more – by selling you less.