Without the right industrial chemicals and lubricants in use, even the best, fanciest, and most expensive power transmission products can be rendered useless. Don’t risk getting the wrong essential accessories to keep your operations running efficiently. Talk to ErieTec!

Cleaners and Degreasers

Whether your plant requires the kind of cleanliness you could eat off or you just need to maintain the integrity of your products, we have the chemical solutions for you.

Industrial Chemicals and Fluids

If you have conveying systems, you likely need belt dressings and coatings. Let us help you find which is best for your application.


Our lubricant selection is vast, and it’s very important that you get the product that is correct for your application specifically. Depending on the speed of your components, the temperature of your facility, the likelihood to have contamination, and dozens of other factors, you will need very different lubricant. We at ErieTec add much value to the products we carry because of our expertise. Did you know that improper lubrication is the leading reason for failure in many large pieces of equipment? Don’t assume the lubricant you have on your shelf right now is the right one. We’ll help!

Mold Cleaners, Lubricants, and Rust Preventatives

Rust and mold are destroyers of your equipment. Keep this from happening by getting the right industrial chemicals for the job. We’ll help you choose among the hundreds of options just by getting information from you about your problems and where you’d be using these products.

Protectants and Coatings

Too often we’re coming to our customers’ plants because something has failed. Let’s avoid the failure (or significantly delay it, at least) by applying the proper protectants and coatings now! Talk to us about your operations, bring us on a site visit, and we’ll make sure you have what you need to ensure long life in all your components.