ErieTec carries a full line of power transmission products from the world’s best manufacturers. Our power transmission expertise is extensive. In fact, many of our cost savings success stories feature solutions rooted in the products listed below.

Belts and Pulleys

HTD Sprockets

Standard V-Belt Pulleys

Synchronous Belts (Timing Belts)

Synchronous Belt Pulleys


Variable Speed Belts

Variable Speed Pulleys


FHP Bushings

Idler Bushings

Keyless Bushings

QD Bushings

Split Taper Bushings

Taper Lock Bushings

Weld-On Hubs

Chain and Sprockets

Engineered Chain and Parts

Metric Roller Chain

Roller Chain

Roller Chain Links and Attachments

Roller Chain Sprockets

Metric Roller Chain Sprockets

Tabletop Chain

Tabletop Sprockets

Clutches and Brakes

Electrical Clutches and Brakes

Mechanical Clutches and Brakes

Overrunning/Cam Clutches

Solenoid Brakes

Gears and Gear Rack


Chain Couplings

Disc Couplings

Elastomeric Couplings

Gear Couplings

Grid Couplings

Jaw Couplings

Shaft Collars

Speed Reducers/Gearboxes

Helical Shaft Mount Reducers

Parallel and Planetary Reducers

Worm Gear Reducers

Reducer Parts and Accessories

Torque Limiters and Idlers


Shear Pin Hubs and Sprockets

Shear Pins


Torque Limiters