Most types of bearings are available in the mounted variety. Having a solid mounted unit eliminates the need to select and assemble individual components. Additionally, the housings provide shaft support for radial, thrust, and combination loads. They also reduce friction when it’s impractical or not desirable to machine bearing seat in the equipment itself. There are various types of mounted bearings, each design serving different purposes and being the best choice in very different operations and applications. Let us help you figure out what those are!

Flange Mounted Bearings

You’ll look at flange mounted bearings when you have a shaft passing through a machine frame at a right angle. The cartridge blocks are usually mounted on a vertical surface and can have two or four bolt holes, depending on the design of the line.

Hanger Bearings

Hanger bearings are, as the name suggests, bearings that hang. They can be used on various applications and therefore come in a variety of designs, materials, and configurations. Sometimes they bear a heavy load and high temperatures, while other operations require hanger bearings that don’t restrict the flow of materials. Tell us about what your operations require and we can help you choose the hanger mounted bearings that are right for you.

Insert Bearings and Cartridges

When you want to reduce vibration and unnecessary noise, you may want to consider insert bearings. Additionally, they offer easy installation. Read about a customer success story using them here.

Journal Bearings

Journal bearings don’t contain rolling elements. Instead they support the radial load of the shaft directly. The conditions of your operating environment are very important to which mounted journal bearings (or sleeve bearings) you should use. Some are dry-running while others are embedded with oil to assist in reducing the friction. With so many options to choose from, consult with us!

Pillow Blocks

These are the most common type of mounted bearings, but that doesn’t mean they’re all the same. Generally speaking, they have the plane of the mounting base perpendicular to the shaft and the bolting holes parallel to the shaft. Additionally, pillow blocks have various other features and components. Depending on your application you may want a solid housing or a split one, in addition to different locking styles, materials, and sealing options.

Take Up Bearings and Frames

Take-up units are used to adjust the center distance between shafts or wherever belt tightening is required. These can be horizontal or vertical and can be mounted on the top or on the side.

Components and Accessories

Anything that you need to go along with your mounted bearings, we at ErieTec can provide it! Sometimes small accessories make a big difference. Take this example in which spacers were the difference between functional operation and failure.